About JT

Description from an Interview with a Close Friend

“I first met JT when she was a bubbling, ever-ready bunny of a child, who actually thought sand would come out one ear if she poured it in the other.  Henceforth: I’ve always known her to be an “outside the (sand) box” sort of girl. She’s been a true-blue, for-life friend, and loyal to a fault in her passion for the Arts in its many modalities.

Early on, her teachers, from elementary school through the University years where she earned a BFA, would single out her Art work and put it on display for all such institutions to observe and recognize as having a “unique twist.”  Her friends used to shower her with 35mm film for photos so that, they said, “we can all see things through your eyes.”

For example, in grade school when classmates were all creating drawings with a house and tree, a strip of blue sky along the top of a paper, and a strip of green along the bottom of the page representing grass, JT would add white tuffs of color to the top, and put brown spots in the grass below, saying, “No, not cow patties! It’s DIRT!”  Then (who would have thought!) everyone started putting brown clumps in their grasses, as well as storm clouds in their strips of skies after the teacher held JT’s picture up in front for all to see.  Growing up was just like that, in Junior High as well as in High School.

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In college, her elephant-bone drawings were displayed at the museum.  She never got them back, much to her regret.  JT ditched drawing after that, to pursue color theory, and the practice of color on canvas and through lenses of various cameras. She majored in Printmaking; Dance and English were minors.

Decades later, she was introduced to quilting.  Her love for color, design, and precision made it a perfect match!  Now JT sees herself as an Artist whose current medium happens to be quilting.  Excited by many techniques, she weaves her sewing by juxtaposing her use of patterning outside boxes.  She’ll overlap linear movements that slide into being apart from the strictly traditional.  Many styles are recognizable, but a quilt, says JT, “is not only a quilt, but, for me, a form of meditation and a dance around my studio to find the solution, what’s ‘called for’ next.”  Is this beyond a box, over an edge, or what?  As JT describes it, it’s a way of perceiving the creation of Art.

All of JTQuilts come with Titles, as seen in one example, WE THE PEOPLE.  This particular work was inspired by Obama’s 2012 acceptance speech.  Most of JT’s pieces, however, are non-political in nature.  Rather, nature itself is where she finds inspiration.  Being a gardening enthusiast, her love for the colors found in flowers, flush perennial beds, trees, fish in ponds and acquarium displays, can all be found in the Batiks she uses almost exclusively.  WE THE PEOPLE contains many favorite Batiks used over the past several years.

Friends believe JT will remain on the cutting edge of some box her entire life, but rarely be confined inside 4-wall parameters.   As a regular quiltee at her favorite quilt shop Custom Quilts, JT gets teased ruthlessly by the Mom and Daughter owners about never following the rules of quilting from a pattern.

She just laughs from the heart a lot and says, “Thank You!”

That’s about all there is to say in describing JTQuiltArt.”