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“TV Cozie”

“Noodle,” my 9-yr-old Schnoodle (my SERVICE DOG), is currently modeling one of the dog-bed pieces. She is of continual help to me in the finishing of all quilts, by sitting on them. (She is non-shedding) This particular 36″ X 36″ quilt is a faux Chenille which small, fluffy dogs love to curl up in. Dog quilts serve in protecting beds, flooring, and/or furniture from the nesting activity dogs love to do for personal comfort. The second photo is a combination of styles which served as a table cloth until purchased by a customer for her bed quilt. At that point, a batting and backing to this piece was added and quilted on the Long Arm at CUSTOM QUILTS in Haslett MI. The pattern/example of “CRIME WAVE” (third photo) is altered to suit JTQuiltArt colors and design. This quilt is an abstract on both sides, designed to obscure a television set in one’s room.

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